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Below a table of all the performances of the most used expert advisors.

StrategyInvestmentMonthly gain in %Last month in %Last 3 months in %DD in %More info
Hentak FX EA$500015-17 %825 %Reviews
Night Owl EA$20004 -13 %-1590 %Reviews
Big Ben Time EA$15009-10 %-3550 %Reviews
Powerful Forex EA$150010-10 %037 %Reviews
Worthy FX Trader EA$200015-5 %-925 %Reviews
Easy Walker FX EA$200010-4 %-1930 %Reviews
Quick Scalp Trader EA$200010-4 %1245 %Reviews
Wallstreet EA$20002 -2 %420 %Reviews
EOS Forex EA$20004 -1 %-1020 %Reviews
Advanced Scalper EA$15005 -0.9 %1630 %Reviews
Hamster Scalping EA$1000100 %040 %Reviews
Exreign Forex EA$50007 0 %310 %Reviews
Forex Cyborg EA$15004 0 %-1020 %Reviews
Forex Real Profit EA$20001 0 %-1130 %Reviews
Forex Scalp EA$4000120 %0 30 %Reviews
FX Adept EA$25009 0 %1230 %Reviews
FX Diverse EA$100002 0 %099 %Reviews
FX Helix EA$2000150 %1940 %Reviews
GPS Forex Robot$20003 0 %132 %Reviews
Grid Hero EA$30005 0 %570 %Reviews
On Control EA$5000120 %670 %Reviews
Prince FX EA$10000100 %2020 %Reviews
SFE price action EA$500080 %1050 %Reviews
Shutterstock EA$30008 0 %615 %Reviews
Star Trader EA$30002 0 %25 %Reviews
Volvox Trader EA$50007 0 %250 %Reviews
Forex Pulse Detector$400041 %351 %Reviews
ForexBot 28 EA$50004 1 %1520 %Reviews
Funneltrader EA$15001 1 %345 %Reviews
FX Hunter EA$50002.21 %55 %Reviews
FX Oxygen EA$15007 1 %2840 %Reviews
Forex Flex EA$50005 2 %326 %Reviews
FX Charger EA Full$150019 2 %1740 %Reviews
FX Proud EA$50008 2 %10 20 %Reviews
Marti Grid EA$300052 %916 %Reviews
FX Stabilizer EA Turbo$250010 3 %1725 %Reviews
FX Stabilizer EA$2500 3 3 %1725 %Reviews
Forex Diamond EA$200054 %820 %Reviews
Grid King EA$80006 4 %425 %Reviews
Forex in Control EA$20008 6 %2540 %Reviews
Max Mixed Hedging EA$3000158 %4360 %Reviews
FX Charger EA$150017 9 %3850 %Reviews
TSFX EA$50007 9 %2430 %Reviews
Forex Fury EA$50001 10 %5625 %Reviews
Happy Gold EA$4000410 %115 %Reviews
Z Trader EA$150035 10 %4240 %Reviews
FX Goodway EA$250018 12 %3525 %Reviews
Torque V12 EA$150001012 %217 %Reviews
HI Tech Trader EA$500020 13 %4335 %Reviews
Aeron EA$30001014 %1810 %Reviews
Crypto Trading Advisor EA$50005014 %205100%Reviews
Forex Armor EA$50003014 %4250%Reviews
Trend Mystery EA$20004 15 %30 35 %Reviews
XXL Forex real profit EA$15002015 %4930 %Reviews
August Forex Golem EA$30004016 %15850 %Reviews
Pippysignals$50001520 %5310 %Reviews
Aqua Forex Trading EA$40006 23 %2350%Reviews
Smart Forex Trading EA$30002527 %6750 %Reviews
FX Kore EA$500028 39 %7240 %Reviews
Forex Spectre EA$1500640 %7070 %Reviews
Dragon Expert FX$50001844 %4430 %Reviews
Steve EA$50002548 %4845 %Reviews
FX Ekspert EA$40004050 %130100 %Reviews
XeXa FX EA$100007554 %20850 %Reviews
Piphiker EA$15007 56 %16030 %Reviews
Smart Forex Trading Ultimate EA$1000010059 %25850 %Reviews
Bitcoin EA Scalper$5000100395 %1064100 %Reviews
Asia Scalper Pro EA$300010---Reviews
Benefit EA$500020---Reviews
Best Scalper EA$300015---Reviews
Covert FX EA$200020---Reviews
Swing Profit EA$30006---Reviews
Econ Power Trader$500050---Reviews
Enzo EA$500015---Reviews
Forex Gold Investor EA$500010---Reviews
Money Pile EA$400015---Reviews
Price Action EA TX12$50010---Reviews
Profit FX EA$300010---Reviews
Vader Forex Robot$500010---Reviews
AW Recovery System$30008---Reviews

I am a reseller of the Piphiker EA and find this EA a perfect tool to trade with. Live results you can see below.  

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