Strategies – 100% automated

Boost your trading results using the best trading algorithms (forex robots – expert advisor) based on machine learning strategies.

Infinium strategy (5-8% monthly gains)

This strategy is one of the most popular ones in the market. This hedging strategy is used by many traders as well as professional money managers throughout the world. Some of it’s huge advantage is that it trades through quiet and volitile markets without having to spend a minute in front of a screen.  The EA can be traded in any currency pair and gold.

The minimum account size to use this expert advisor is $100 (using a cent account). The Infinium enters positions based on data from multiple indicators and starts with 0.01 lot size. There is a stop loss, but placed very wide to not disturb the grid entries. This trading software runs 24/5 and a VPS is recommended.

This Expert Advisor is used by professional traders / asset managers and has proven to be a steady performing forex robot.

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Stealth strategy (5%-8% monthly gain)

This is a 100% Price action strategy that uses the following features:

Take profit is hidden
Stop loss is hidden
Trailing stop is hidden
it uses specific time settings
Trade per lot size or a risk %
It only trades stop buy and stop sell orders
Trades in currency pairs, indices and gold

This EA comes with a short training of how using it. This must be one of the best semi automated strategies in the market and is perfect for those that prefer to still keep an eye on their screen. Our team have been very successful in it’s development and the winning percentage is ridiculously high. The minimum account size is $1000

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